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Kromlech – Impressions and winnings


I never… and I mean never ever have I signed up for Internet competitions (eg. write your email address here and we … jadda jadda), but when Kromlech presented its October competition on their Facebook-page I decided to sign up. This time the winning was their two latest figures (it was the pilot I wanted), […]

Painting workshop with Francesco Farabi

Painting workshop group

The first weekend of july I had the pleasure to have the much talented Francesco Farabi as a guest for a few days and at the same time let him held a small painting workshop. If you are not fimiliar with his work, go check him out over at Putty&Paint! Francesco brought a few of […]

Steampunk Arielle


Steampunk Arielle from Guild of harmony is one of my recently finished miniatures. The hardest thing for me while painting this miniature was to step away from my usual choice of dark, muted colors and try to do semthing more “bright”. In the end it was a fun project where I got the oprtunity to […]

Kromlech Pilot – Done


Here is the result…. sorry for the time it took to post it. As many of the stuff I do, I get exited over some other new models and in the end rush the result to be able to start a new one. Earlier work in progress posts : WIP 1 & WIP 2  

Malifaux Ronin

Recently been painting a Malifaux figure that I got from Martin ( I started this one during the workshop as a break from my Templar knight young bust that I was trying out oil paints on for the first time. So far I have reached this stage and hope to finish this figure during the weekend. /John © 2015 Frontier Theme